"These are some of the most thrilling wines being made in California today." - Antonio Galloni
Founded in 1978 by Steve Kistler and Mark Bixler, Kistler Vineyards was one of a handful of pioneers planting Burgundian varietals in California.
They famously use the same chardonnay clone across all vineyards, a Californian heritage selection that has mutated over time within each vineyard.  Kistler's chardonnays are fermented in barrel with native yeast, aged with the same proportion of new oak, and undergo no fining or filtering. By standardising wine-making techniques for all wines, subtle differences boil down to terroir.
A handful of soil from Laguna Ridge, Dutton Ranch and Durrell vineyards.
Stylistically the wines have evolved in the last decade or so. In the 80s and 90s they were rich, intense, voluptuous and oaky, a style that inspired an entire generation of winemakers. However, they have now been paired back and are much more refined and elegant, with lower alcohol levels.  
“We never were interested in fruit-driven chardonnays. Our goal was wonderful mineral wines with a soil-driven character.” - Steve Kistler 

The wines are typically sold to restaurants and mailing list collectors, so it is a pleasure to be able to offer a selection of single vineyard bottlings across a number of vintages. 
All wines are in stock and immediately available for delivery. A brief description of each vineyard site can be seen below the table.
Durrell - Bottled since 1986. Located in the southern reach of the Sonoma Valley, where it meets the Sonoma Coast and Carneros appellations. Our portion of the vineyard is a marine loam heavily influenced by a stony vein that transects our blocks. Produces a Chardonnay with lovely weighted base tones, tones of sun kissed orchard fruit and a sublime rich nature that is consistently threaded with and supported by an energetic acid core.
Dutton - Bottled since 1979. Located in the heart of where the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations intersect and planted in the sand driven Gold Ridge soil series. We’ve been lucky to have worked with the Dutton family since nearly our inception. A Chardonnay of precision, with focused, structural acids threaded through a body of delicate orchard fruit tones topped by soil driven aromatics
Hudson - Bottled since 1994. Located in the southwestern reaches of Napa County, where a rare mix of volcanic and marine sediment soils combine at the surface to make up the famed Block E where we’ve been since day one. Produces a Chardonnay of great depth, concentration and elegance; notable for its high pitched pure yellow orchard fruit, iodine and a beeswax-like savory character.
Hyde - Bottled since 1994. Located in the heart of Carneros, and planted in a marine loam soil set, that becomes leaner as our block transits the hillside. Produces a classically well poised mid-weighted Chardonnay without being heavy; threaded with salient natural acids and a bouquet of green stone and orchard fruit skins and a crushed oyster shell like minerality.
Laguna - Bottled since 2015. The only instance where we bottle both a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir from the same site. Laguna Ridge sits on layers of sandstone, granular sediments and shards of petrified wood. Produces a Chardonnay of extraordinary expression, precision and beauty marked by bold aromas of yellow citrus rind, roasted hazelnuts and hints of petrol and beeswax and a sanguine, lasting finish.
McCrea - Athearn Estate-Bottled since 1988. Located on the eastern flank bench of Sonoma Mountain where redwoods thrive in a very rare for the area mix of Sonoma volcanics and limestone. Produces one of our more elegantly scented Chardonnays, perfumed by delicate morning floral and citrus blossom aromas, leading to a chalk like, subtle, ethereal core of fruit and lovely acidity.
Stone Flat - Bottled since 2002. Located directly across from our Durell block, on the same marine loam threaded with cobblestone soils, but planted on a different rootstock. The Stone flat provides a leaner cut look at the same site. The two wines side by side make for a thought-provoking comparison. Produces a wine that strikes an impeccable balance between its minerality, its green orchard fruit reminiscent core and its silken, persistent finish.
Trenton Roadhouse - Bottled since 2009. Straddling a south facing hilltop comprised of Gold ridge soils, like the Vine Hill and Dutton vineyards, but the finest grained sand of any of those sites. A soil influenced Chardonnay noted by vaulted green-orchard and yellow-citrus fruit aromatics, resounding minerality and complex earthy sulfides.

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