Just landed and immediately available for delivery, we have a lovely selection of US wines, new into AMFW. 
In addition to the Schrader Cellars' Old Sparky that we offered last week, there are other outstanding Cabernet Sauvignons from cult Napa producers Joseph Phelps, Shafer and Araujo.
We've topped up on ever popular Chardonnays from Aubert all scoring in the 99–100-point range.
We are also happy to include 4 bottles of mature La Carriere Chardonnay from one of our favourite Cali estates, Peter Michael.
Don't miss the Special Selection by Napa Valley icon Caymus, made from the best of the best barrels each year.
With over two-thirds of the wines listed scoring 99 points or higher, there's a lot to be excited about below. 
These wines are all in-stock and ready for delivery, so do get in touch if you would like to order, and I can confirm subject to remaining availability. 

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