Bond is another magnificent project from the legendary Bill Harlan. Bond grew out of Harlan wanting to continue working with some of the top vineyards in Napa Valley after divesting from Merryvale. While Harlan Estate was always seen as a site-specific project, a first-growth of Napa if you will, Bond was destined to produce exceptional wines from disparate sites in a more Burgundian fashion.

Bond is produced on the Harlan estate in the old winemaking facility under the guidance of Cory Empting and Bob Levy. Winemaking is tailored to the needs of each vineyard, with the goal being complete terroir-driven wines. The vineyards are managed meticulously, with a general push towards dry farming and improved soil health resulting in ripe grapes with lower sugar levels.

Bond wines are designated based on which “Grand Cru” supplied the majority of the grapes. Melbury is a 7-acre parcel in the hills east of Rutherford. Rocky and sloping south/southeast, this site yields wines of pure fruit and finesse. Vecina is a 11-acre vineyard located close to the Bond winery on terraced volcanic slopes close to the valley floor, this bottling is usually a massive wine with layers of fruit and spice framed by massive tannin. St. Eden is an 11-acre site near Oakville Crossing planted on a north facing site in iron-rich rocky soil. The wine from St. Eden tends to be higher acid and a precise quality to fruit profile. Pluribus is a 7-acre site located on a steep slope high on Spring Mountain. North, east, and southeast exposure along with the surrounding forest shade the vines during the afternoon, lending massive tannin and high acid to the resulting wines. Quella is a 9-acre vineyard perched above Napa Valley in an ancient uplifted riverbed composed of cobbles and ash. Low yields and a southwestern exposure create wines with an incredible balance of structure and finesse.

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