David Abreu is one of the most well-known names in Napa Valley, and for good reason. His meticulous work in both planting and maintaining many of the greatest vineyards of Napa Valley has turned his name into a moniker for quality. Originally from Napa, David Abreu seems to have incredible intuition for selecting world class vineyard sites. His work continues to turn heads with innovative approaches to viticulture undertaken with an unmatched zeal for perfection. Abreu is responsible for the legendary vineyards of Harlan, Colgin, and Pahlmeyer just to name a few. And while Abreu’s work for the biggest names in the valley receives a lot of well-deserved attention, the wines made under his own label arguably represent his greatest achievements.

Under the Abreu label, winemaker Brad Grimes carries an excessive attention to detail through the entire winemaking process. Following a season of legendary vineyard management, grapes from Abreu’s four estate vineyards are harvested based on ripeness rather than by variety or convenience. This means that varieties are regularly cofermented in the same vat, creating unique bases for the final cuvee that better reflects the subtleties of each individual growing season. Abreu’s vineyards are Cabernet Sauvignon dominated, with varying percentages of the major Bordeaux varieties making up the rest. On average only a quarter of the finished wine is selected to bottle under the Abreu label, a rate of selection that is exceedingly rare for any top estate. The resulting wines embody the rare paradoxes that help define a great wine: power with finesse, depth with levity, and concentration with welcoming grace.

Recent vintages have seen the Abreu wines gain additional aromatic complexity and balance, demonstrating that the dedication of the Abreu team continues to push our understanding of quality. But that is no reason to ignore the older vintages, as their exceptional concentration and finesse has yet to be anything but stunning right out of the bottle.

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