A lot of new wines have been added to our list this month, including cases (3 x 75cl) of 100 point 2010 Harlan Estate (pictured above) and 100 point 2010 Colgin IX Estate. Added to this some new and repriced wines including Hundred Acre, Schrader, and Sine Qua Non. Also included is a good selection of Chardonnay from producers like Aubert, Kistler, and featured below is the iconic 100 point 2013 Marcassin Vineyard Chardonnay. Finally at the other end of the Chardonnay scale is one of my favourites, the 2020 Mayacamus Vineyard Chardonnay. Scored 95 points from Vinous @ £43 IB a bottle (£54.80 Inc VAT) it is excellent drinking for the price.  
Below is a list of highlights but for the full list  Download here. Wines are offered excluding duty and VAT with most being in stock for immediate delivery or transfer. Let me know what is of interest and we will confirm.

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